Business Studies


Teaching Staff

  • Mrs D Mitchell, BEd MEd (Subject Leader)
  • Mrs A Donnelly, BSc PGCE




GCSE Applied Business

In Years 11 and 12 students follow the CCEA Applied Business course. The course is made up of controlled assessment (60%) and written examination (40%).

There are three controlled assessment tasks, each worth 20%. These tasks are set by CCEA each year and are completed in school during class time. Controlled assessments usually require independent research to be carried out which is then presented in written form.

Students learn how businesses work by studying seven main themes:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Production
  • Managing People
  • Business Start Up
  • Business Growth
  • Business Planning

Business Studies can open up a range of opportunities for further learning. Through studying GCSE in Applied Business, students begin to develop and apply business knowledge, understanding and skills. They start to really understand current events in local, national and global contexts.

This course encourages students to become independent learners and to use an enquiring, critical approach to distinguish facts and opinions, to build arguments and make informed judgements. Students consider how business and economic activity can be ethical and sustainable. They also begin to appreciate the perspectives of different stakeholders in relation to business and economic activity.

This specification prepares students for further study in the Advanced Subsidiary GCE in Business Studies, Advanced GCE in Business Studies and Applied GCE in Business.


A Level


GCE Applied Business

A Level Business students follow the GCE Applied Business course offered by OCR. This course is 67% coursework and 33% exam based.

Year 13

  • Unit 1 Creating a marketing proposal – Portfolio
  • Unit 2 Recruitment in the Workplace – Portfolio
  • Unit 3 Understanding the Business Environment – External exam based on pre-released case study (90 mins)

Year 14

  • Unit 10 Business Planning for the Entrepreneur - Portfolio
  • Unit 13 Promotion in Action - Portfolio
  • Unit 9 Strategic Decision Making - External exam based on pre-released case study (2 hours)


Extra Curricular

  • Young Enterprise regularly visit the College to deliver Business related activity days: Year 8 - Your School Your Business, Year 9 - YE 9, Year 10 - Project Business.
  • Young Enterprise delivers bespoke presentations to GCSE groups, using local business owners.
  • GCSE and A Level coursework support is available every week.
  • GCSE classes participate in activities during Global Enterprise Week.
  • Industrial visits are organised for both GCSE and A level classes to well known local and national businesses.

Homework & Core Assessments

  • In the Business Studies department homework is designed to match pupils' ability and experiences with very clearly defined expectations. Homework should be completed in subject notebooks or in topic booklets as instructed.
  • GCSE students are assessed at the end of each topic with a test which is completed in class. Parents are encouraged to sign these end of topic assessments.
  • As 60% of the GCSE is coursework based homework is often completing research.
  • A Level students are expected to complete at least 1 - 1.5 hours work each night on their portfolio tasks.


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