Year 11 Maths

In Year 11 you will sit either an M1, M2, M3 or M4 exam paper. In order to prepare effectively for this, we have prepared a bank of resources for students to work on in the lead up to the exam.

These are broken down into separate M1, M2, M3 and M4 topics; however it should be noted that students sitting the M2 exam are still required to know all M1 material, students sitting the M3 exam are required to know all M1 and M2 material and students sitting the M4 exam are required to know all M1, M2 and M3 material.

Each topic has one or two worked examples, followed by several exam style questions to attempt. The answers are also provided at the end of each topic so students can mark their own work.

Complete Booklets

 The booklets below include all of the individual topics for each tier combined into one single booklet. This is an easy way to print all available topics in one go. Please note: these booklets do not include every topic on the specification, just the topics we have chosen for the website.

Complete M1 (8 MB, 77 pages)

Complete M2 (14 MB, 144 pages)

Complete M3 (19 MB, 202 pages)

Complete M4 (22 MB, 231 pages)

M1 Topics


Fractions, Decimals & Percentages

Complex Calculations on a Calculator

Household Bills

Best Buys


Expanding Brackets & Factorising

Plotting Straight Line Graphs



Circumference & Area of Circles

Handling Data

Pie Charts

Frequency Polygons

Stem & Leaf Diagrams


M2 Topics


Prime Factors, HCF & LCM

Compound Interest


Solving Equations

Setting Up Equations

Mid Point of a Line

Gradient of a Line


Pythagoras' Theorem

Volume of Prisms

Area of a Trapezium

Handling Data

Venn Diagrams

Averages from a Frequency Table

M3 Topics


Reverse Percentages

Upper & Lower Bounds


Solving Equations with Fractions

Equation of a Straight Line

FOIL & Harder Factorising


Arcs & Sectors

Trigonometry (SOHCAHTOA)


Handling Data

Cumulative Frequency & Box Plots

M4 Topics


Quadratic Formula

Algebraic Fractions


Circle Theorems

Handling Data


Past Paper Solutions

Past paper solutions for M2 (previously known as T2) exam papers are available to download below. M3 and M4 papers are coming soon.

Paper A  M2 January 2019
Paper B  M2 Summer 2019

Paper C

 T2 January 2018
Paper D  M2 Summer 2018
Paper E  T2 January 2017
Paper F  T2 Summer 2017
Paper G  T2 January 2016
Paper H  T2 Summer 2016
Paper I  T2 January 2015
Paper J  T2 Summer 2015
Paper K  T2 January 2014
Paper L  T2 Summer 2014
Paper M  T2 January 2013
Paper N  T2 Summer 2013
Paper O  T2 January 2012

Corbett Maths Revision

The following revision checklists give the full list of topics you need to revise for each exam paper, along with the associated video. Special thanks to CorbettMaths for these checklists and video tutorials.

M1 Foundation Revision Checklist

M2 Foundation Revision Checklist

M3 Higher Revision Checklist

M4 Higher Revision Checklist

The following links are YouTube playlists including every topic required for each exam paper. Special thanks to CorbettMaths for these YouTube playlists.

M1 Foundation YouTube Playlist

M2 Foundation YouTube Playlist

M3 Higher YouTube Playlist

M4 Higher YouTube Playlist